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Phenomenal Publishing Services

When you become part of the exclusive Phenomenal Publishing Family, here’s what you can expect:

     * Creative, customized full-color covers

     * Professional designing of your books

     * Full, clear, and consistent editing of your text

     * Eye-appealing layout in Adobe InDesign

*We also provide registered ISBN, Library of Congress data, and author copyright.

*We can produce your books in hard- and softbound paper, and e-book formats.

*We set up your books for nationwide distribution with the largest distributor in the world.

*We guarantee product availability, as our partner has agreed to warehouse and distribute each book we release. Readers can order your books from anywhere in the world through our connections!

*We also make your books and e-books available for sale on,,, and numerous other Websites. You can even sell them on your own Website, if you wish!

Connect with us at Phenomenal Publishing, and we’ll help you connect to the world – and beyond.

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