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About Phenomenal Publishing

Founded by author Jeanne Marie Antoinette in 2003, Phenomenal Publishing combines traditional royalty-paying book and Web publishing with 21st–century expertise.

Jeanne Marie is the designer and layout artist of all Phenomenal books. She has written three books published by Phenomenal: When Angels Die, Circle of Tears, and Your Monkey Mind Connection. She also writes new books about her own remarkable experiences as a clairvoyant and beyond, including Flowers Are Forever.

In 2012 Paul Peterson joined the company, bringing his experience and expertise in editing and authoring dedicated-market books. Paul is now Phenomenal’s president, and serves as acquisitions executive and chief editor of all Phenomenal books.

Now expanding rapidly, Phenomenal offers a host of publishing services, including topflight editing, book design, printing, distribution, and marketing of traditional-form paperbound and hardbound books, plus custom e-books.

Because we believe in giving back, we donate a significant percentage of our profits to the support of Hospice and other worthy organizations.

About Our Staff Members

Paul Peterson, President & Chief Editor

Connect with us at Phenomenal Publishing, and we’ll help you connect to the world – and beyond.

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